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Monsters are the inimitable foes to the player characters.

They will appear everywhere, in large armies controlled by evil sorcerers, in dark corners of wilderness, or in unsuspecting haunts in the midst of civilization.

Monsters are provided in a list, ordered by their Hit Dice (HD), with the weakest at the top. Most monsters will tend to be at a particular HD level, but some are created somewhere on a range, depending on how individually powerful they are. This is particularly true of evil orcs.

To calculate a monster’s Hit Points, roll a number of d8 equal to their HD and total the result.

By default, Monster damage is dictated by their HD. The higher the monster’s HD the more damage they do.


Roving companies of humanoid bandits are common throughout the Wilderness. They can number up to 300 or more, and include archers and cavalry. Large bands have high-level fighters, magicians, and clerics among their leaders. They normally hold 1 prisoner for every 10 bandits.UndeadThe undead are immune to all types of mind-affecting spells or effects.Were-CreaturesIn beast form these creatures are only harmed by silver weapons or magic.They will not approach wolvesbane. Victims bitten by a werecreature will contract lycanthropy in 1 week unless cure disease is cast.Feel free to create your own monsters, it’s really quick. All you need is a name, a description, the number of HD, which equates to power level, and notes on any special powers or attacks. Use the table above to provide a guide on where to place your monster amongst the others.

Monster HD Damage
1 d4 (2)
2 d6 (3)
3 d8 (4)
4 d10 (5)
5 d12 (6)
6 d6 + d8 (7)
7 2d8 (8)
8 3d6 (9)
9 2d10 (10)
10 d10 + d12 (11)
11+ 2d12 (12)
Creature HD Actions and Traits
Ant Fighter, Giant 2 Poisonous Bite (1d6) + CON test or add 2d6 damage to the attack.
Banshee 7 Shriek – CON test or Paralyzed for 2d6 rounds.
Basilisk 6 CON test on eye contact or be petrified.
Black Pudding 10 Metal objects that touch it melt the next moment.
Blink Dog 4 Teleport nearby once per fight.
Bugbear 3-4 All DEX tests are rolled with disadvantage.
Carrion Creeper 2 Bite (1) + 6 Tentacles (0) + CON test or Paralyzed.
Centaur 4 Weapon or kick (2d6)
Centipede, small 1 Bite (0) + CON test or Oofa – only has 1-2hp.
Chimera 8 2 Claws (1d3) + 2 Goat horns (1d4) + 1 Lion bite (2d4) + 1 Dragon bite (3d4) or Breathes fire as a Dragon (3d8).
Cockatrice 5 Bite (1d6) and CON test or Petrified.
Demon, Balor 9 Sword (1d12+2) + Whip (0) DEX test or be pulled Close to the Balor and burnt for 3d6 fire damage.
Demon, Hezrou 9 2 Claws + 1 Bite (2d8), Cause Fear (as per Banish) or Darkness (spell) – each once per fight.
Demon, Lemure 3 Regenerate 1 HP / round, only destroyed by holy water.
Demon, Pit Fiend 12 Claws + Mace + Bite (1d10), + Tail (1d8) Can cast Fireball at will.
Devil, Barbed 5 2 Claws (1d10), if both hit then crushes opponent into its barbed hide for 1d12. Or, can hurl flame for 2d8 damage. Disadvantage on magic tests, immune to non magic weapons.
Djinni 7 Can take gaseous form, create objects, create illusions, cast Invisibility (spell) as action.
Doppleganger 3 Change form in a moment, disadvantage against magic tests.
Dragon, White 5-7 2 Claws (1d6) + Bite (1d6) or Breathes Cold – d4+2 nearby targets (2d6), test DEX for 1/2 damage.
Dragon, Black 6-8 2 Claws (1d6) + Bite (1d6) or Spit Acid – d4+2 nearby targets (2d6), test DEX for 1/2 damage.
Dragon, Green 7-9 2 Claws (1d6) + Bite (1d8) or Breathes Poison Gas – d4+2 nearby targets (2d8), test DEX for 1/2 damage.
Dragon, Blue 8-10 2 Claws (1d6) + Bite (1d8) or Shoots Lightning – d4+2 nearby targets (3d10) test DEX for 1/2 dam-age.
Dragon, Red 9-11 2 Claws (1d8) + Bite (1d10) or Breathes Fire – d4+2 nearby targets (3d8), test DEX for 1/2 damage.
Dragon, Gold 10-12 2 Claws (1d8) + Bite (1d12) or Breathes Poison Gas or Fire – d4+2 nearby targets (3d8) test CON for 1/2 damage. Lawful, can speak, has 1 spell per age category, up to 1/2 age category in level.
Dryad 2 Weapon or Charm, test WIS or obey commands.
Dwarf 1 Disadvantage on magic rolls against dwarf.
Efreeti 10 Fist or sword, can cast Wall of Fire d6 usage die per day.
Elemental, Air 8-16 Strike (2d6) or whirlwind attack, throws Nearby 1 HD creatures, test STR or Oofa.
Elemental, Earth 8-16 Fist (2d6), can rip down a castle wall in 1 turn.
Elemental, Fire 8-16 Strike (2d6), ignite flammables on a failed test.
Elemental, Water 8-16 Strike (2d6), can overturn a ship in 1 turn, a small boat instantly. Can destroy a ship completely in 1 hour.
Elf 1 Immune to ghoulish paralysis.
Fire Beetle 1 Light glands have a usage die of d8.
Fish, Giant 1 1 Bite (1d6).
Gargoyle 4 2 claws (1d3) + 1 bite (1d4) or 1 horn (1d6).
Ghoul 2 2 claws (1d3) + 1 bite (1d4) + CON test or Paralyzed.
Giant, Cloud 12 Can hurl boulders, acute sense of smell.
Giant, Fire 11 Can hurl boulders, immune to fire.
Golem, Flesh 12 Lightning heals, slowed by fire and cold. Immune to other spells. Only hurt by magic weapons.
Giant, Frost 10 Throws boulders or great chunks of ice. Can make two Great Axe attacks.
Giant, Hill 8 Can hurl boulders.
Giant, Stone 9 Can hurl boulders.
Golem, Stone 12 Only spells that affect rock or stone work, weapons must be +2 or better to damage it.
Giant, Storm 16 Can hurl boulders, can cast Control Weather.
Gnoll 2 Has 2 AP. Spear and Bite attacks. Also can be armed with longbows.
Goblin 1 Only has 1d6 HP. Will always plan cunning ambushes and place their opponents at a Disadvantage.
Gorgon 8 Stone breath – Nearby creatures test CON or be petrified.
Grey Ooze 3 Strike, immune to spells, heat, cold, and blunt dam-age, metal weapons or armor must test DEX or be destroyed.
Green Slime Metal or organic that touches it turns to green slime, test DEX to avoid., Killed with fire or extreme cold. Transformation can be stopped with Cure Disease.
Gelatinous Cube 4 CON test on touch or be paralyzed, immune to cold and lightning. WIS test to see the cube.
Golem, Iron 13 Poison gas attack (10′ radius) test CON or Oofa, only hurt by +3 magic weapons or better. Slowed by lightning spells, healed by fire spells, no other affects from spells.
Griffon 7 Flying, bite or claw.
Grizzly Bear 4 2 claws + if both hit hug for 1d8 damage.
Harpy 3 Song – CHA test or Pcs must move towards it. Two attacks.
Hell Hound 4-7 Bite or Breathes Fire – d3 nearby targets (2d6), test DEX for 1/2 damage.
Hippogriff 3 Flying, bite or kick.
Hobgoblin 1 Usually has a backup shield if one is sundered. Uses 1d10 HP.
Horse 2-3 Can carry 500 pounds (including rider).
Horse, War 4 CHA test to get the horse to attack. Kick + Bite (d6)
Human Berserker 1 Disadvantage on defense rolls when Berserker attacks.
Hydra 5-12 1 head per HD, some hydra breathe fire or regenerate heads.
Invisible stalker 8 Flying and invisible.
Kobold 1 Only has 1d4 HP, Defend at Advantage if the Kobold is attacking in sunlight.
Leech, Giant 2 Drains a Level the moment after dealing damage.
Lich 12-18 Magic-User of same level as HD, target paralyzed if touched – no test, eye contact paralyzes creatures 4 HD or less. Will reform by its hidden phylactery in 1d10 days At a Disadvantage to Turn.
Lizardman 2 Can hold breath underwater for 1 hour.
Manes Demon 1 2 Claws (1d2) + 1 Bite (1d4), Half damage from non-magic weapons.
Manticore 6 Flying. Claws and bite or throw 24 tail spikes up to 6 at a time to Far-Away.
Medusa 6 Weapon and hair snakebite (0), test CON or Oofa. Test CON on eye contact or be petrified.
Minotaur 6 Never lost in a labyrinth.
Mummy 6 Attacks stop healing until cure wounds cast, immune to normal weapons, half damage from magic weapons.
Nixie 1 10 nixies can charm person. Travel with 10-100 giant fish (see above).
Ochre Jelly 5 Acid strike, dissolve dead, making hard to revivify, lightning divides creature
Ogre 4 Gives advantage on all CHA tests made against it.
Ogre Mage 5 Weapon, Spells: Fly, Invisibility, Polymorph, Dark, Sleep, Charm Person, Spell-like Ability: Frost (3d6) 2+d4 Nearby targets. d8 spell usage die.
Orc 1 +1 to stat for attacks and defense against orcs in sunlight
Owlbear 5 2 claws (1d8) + 1 bite (2d6) + DEX test or Hug for 2d8.
Pegasus 2 Kick or bite, flying.
Pegasus, War 3 Can carry 500 pounds (including rider).
Purple Worm 15 Bite or tail sting (2d8 + test CON or Oofa), swallowed prey whole on 17-20 for defense roll.
Pixie 1 Invisible at will (even when attacking).
Rat, Giant 1 Only has 1d6 HP. If bit, test CON to avoid disease, Disadvantage on stealth rolls if the rat can use its keen sense of smell.
Roc 12 Flying, claws and bite.
Rustmonster 5 Touch rusts all iron objects.
Salamander 7 Touch (1d6) or constricting tail wrap (3d6).
Screecher 3 Emit loud screech if approached.
Sea Serpent 30 Swallow prey whole on failed DEX test of 17+.
Shadow 3 Touch (1d4 and -1 STR), only hit by magic weapons. Gain Advantage against it if fighting in daylight.
Skeleton 1 Immune to Sleep and Charm spells, attacks twice. WIS test or shocked and at a Disadvantage for the first round. Edged weapons roll at a Disadvantage to damage a skeleton.
Slug, Giant 12 Spit Acid – d4+2 nearby targets (1d12) test DEX for 1/2 damage.
Spectre 6 Touch (1d8), drains 1 level, only harmed by magic.
Specter Master 8 A person killed by a Specter will become a Specter in 1d6 turns.
Succubus/Incubus 6 2 Claws (1d10), Disadvantage on magic tests, immune to non magic weapons, level drain (-1) with kiss. Can cast Charm person (spell) once per hour.
Spider, Giant 2 Poison bite, test CON or Oofa, Web as per spell, d6 web usage die. Test DEX to avoid getting stuck.
Stirge 1 Bite (1d4), drains 1d4 HP per round.
Tick, Giant 3 Bite (1d4), drains 1d4 HP/round, disease (CON roll).
Treant 7-12 Can control up to 2 Nearby trees, making them walk, attack (2d6).
Troll 6 Regeneration 3 HP/round, must be burned to kill, even heads can regrow.
Trogledyte 2 2 claws + 1 bite (1d4 each), chameleon ability. Stench causes disadvantage on all rolls (CON roll).
Unicorn 4 Charge for critical damage, spells cast against it test with Disadvantage, can teleport once per day up to 360 feet with rider. Only tamable by a virgin maiden.
Vampire 7-9 Only magic weapons can hurt it. If killed, turns to mist and returns to coffin. Regenerates 3 HP/round, turn into gas or bat at will, summon horde of bats or 3d6 wolves. Eye contact test INT-2 or charmed, killed by immersing in running water, exposure of sunlight, or a stake through heart. They retreat from garlic, mirrors, and Good/Lawful holy symbols. Human killed by vampire becomes a vampire under master’s control.
Vampire Bat, Giant 1 1d6 damage next moment after attack.
Werebear 6 2 claws + 1 bite (1d8 each).
Werebear, Berserk 7 Only silver and magical weapons can hurt it.
Wereboar 4 Gore (2d6).
Wererat 3 Cannot gain Advantage when attempting to surprise a Wererat. Can control rats. Only silver and magical weapons can hurt it.
Wereshark 6 Bite (3d6).
Weretiger 5 2 claws + 1 bite (1d6 each).
Werewolf 4 Only silver and magical weapons can hurt it.
Wight 3 Can only be hit by magical or silver weapons. Drains a Level the moment after dealing damage.
Worg 4 Mounts for orcs.
Wraith 4 Only silver and magical weapons can hurt it. Half damage from silver weapons. Drains a Level the moment after dealing damage.
Wyvern 7 Bite or poison tail sting, test CON or Oofa. Flyer.
Yellow Mold When touched causes 1d6 acid damage, Destroyed by fire. If disturbed, 50% chance of releasing spores in 10′ area, test CON or Oofa.
Zombie 1 Immune to Sleep and Charm spells. Roll fire damage against the zombie at an Advantage. Advantage when trying to detect due to stench of corpse